Monday, June 29, 2009

Turtle Splash, Countdown at the Pond and Folkmanis Turtle Puppets

We really enjoy our Folkmanis turtle puppets and have another book to offer with them. "Turtle Splash" is a counting book for ages 3 to 8. "One by one, ten turtles splash! into the pond. It's a colorful countdown that you can be a part of." This book is in rhyme.

We recommend "Turtle Splash" with our green tutles in either the larger or baby size. The turtles have been a long time part of Folkmanis, but the book is new to us for younger kids. Check out our full list of book recommendations.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Folkmanis Pig stage Puppet goes with Big Bad Wolf and "Wolf's Coming" Children's Book

One of the stories that goes great with the Folkmanis Puppets is the "Three Little Pigs." It is a classic. Folkmanis has had the big wolf puppet and the pig puppets for some time, but now we have the new Folkmanis Pig stage puppet to go with the Big Bad Wolf stage puppet. We are expecting to have the pig stage puppet by July 21. Only$15.99 each, just like almost all of the Folkmanis stage puppets.

The big bad wolf stage puppet and three of the new Pig Stage puppets will work great behind a stage or in the classroom. They are easy to use and creative.

Whether you use the new pig puppet with this classic story or "Wolf's Coming", you are sure to get laughs from the kids. The Wolf in "Wolf's Coming" has a very big surprise. -- Richard

Monday, June 22, 2009

More Pictures of new Folkmanis Puppets, including Pack Rat with a Back Pack puppet

Folkmanis just released the pictures for several more of the new puppets coming out this Summer. I just had to shown you the Folkmanis Pack Rat puppet with a back pack. I don't have any details on him but he has a cute pack that goes on his back. I have shown you the view from the front and back.

We also have the pictues for the Brown Bear, Cat stage puppet, Corgi, Eagle stage puppet, Hippo, Hippo stage puppet, Red Eyed Tree Frog, Scarlet Macaw, Small Turkey, Squirrel Monkey, Triceratops.

I am adding pages for them tonight. You can find them as I add the rest of the links at our what's new page.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Children's Book "Look Out for Turtles" and Folkmanis Turtle Puppets

I just added a new book to our website called "Look Out for Turtles." We sell a lot of turtle puppets, especially in the spring to the Carolinas. Seems that they have turtles come ashore there and the schools, libraries and day care schools love to have turtle puppets to explain what is going on to the kids.

Tess picked this book as it covers some techincal information for younger kids (5 to 9) and includes the Galapagos tortoise. We have both the large and baby Galapagos Tortoise puppets, as well as green turtles and a few left of the discontinued loggerhead turtles. If you go to the Galapagos Tortoise page, you can watch a video online of how to operate the Galapagos Tortoise. Dan Folkmanis is the puppeteer!

Friday, June 19, 2009

See all Folkmanis Puppets and Kids Books at Choochokum Jul 11 - 12, Langley Washington

July 11-12, 2009, are the dates for the 34th annual Choochokam Arts festival in downtown Langley. Each year there is a gathering in Langley WA of artists that display their work on First Street and Anthes Avenue. It is a great street fair. Unique art work. Lots of food selections. And beautiful vistas from the town shores.

This is an ideal time to come and visit our unique store with all of the Folkmanis puppets and over a hundred children's books matched to go with them. You can see our puppets and books on the main floor or try on one of many kids or adult sized dressup hats in our second floor.

"Come enjoy the community celebration of Whidbey Island's rich arts heritage. The picturesque streets of downtown Langley are lined with 100 premier artists. The air is filled with the sounds from four separate stages, each with its own flavor."

• Meet and converse with Puget Sound artists who work in all mediums. Purchase art directly from its creator.
• Listen and dance to the music of some of the hottest up-and-coming new performers in the region.
• Join us in celebration at our Saturday night Street Dance, a community tradition for decades.
• Bring your children to our Children's Arts Area, a great place to immerse future artists in hands-on projects.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

More photos of new Folkmanis Ferret Puppet and Flying Dragon Puppet

New Folkmanis Ferret Puppet

Here is another picture of the new Folkmanis Ferret puppet and the Flying dragon that are coming this summer. You can get a better perspective on size with these photos.

Folkmanis Flying Dragon Puppet

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Friendly Feathers book by Fran Smith matched with Folkmanis African Grey Parrot Puppet

"For bird lovers young and old, this book demonstrates the relationship between one parrot and his family. Pierre, the African Grey, says greetings, makes contact calls, requests food, comments on events, and even gives commands to the poodle. Do parrots and other birds in the wild use specific sounds to communicate the same messages in bird sounds? Ornithologists have found that birds do "talk" to each other in their own way. Deon Matzens charming illustrations bring Pierre to life in this delightfully illustrated account of the bird's communication to his family. Enjoyable reading for both reader and audience."

What is really neat about this book is that Fran Smith is a local author who lives on Whidbey Island. We had a book signing last year before the Folkmanis African Grey Parrot was released and actually met Pierre. He lived up to our expectations!

Fran had come in earlier in the year and asked if we had an African Grey Parrot puppet. Sadly, we had to say no. Could Folkmanis make one? We gave her our long time contacts at Folkmanis to see if they might consider making one. And guess what, the parrot was in the works and they were happy to receive Fran's book and work with her on the parrot design. So, if you buy our African Grey Parrot Puppet, he surely must be named Pierre.
** update
Fran just popped into the store and told me that Folkmanis had given her one of the new African Grey Parrot puppets. They were going to give it to one of their grandchildren, but found that Pierre had become attached to the puppet. He would flap his wings with the puppet and liked when Fran would use the puppet to preen Pierre.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Folkmanis Blue Whale Finger Puppet and Grey Tabby Discontinued - still some in stock

The mini blue whale and the Grey Tabby Kitten puppets are now discontinued at Folkmanis. We have some of both of these Folkmanis puppets.

Also, the Folkmanis Sheep stage puppet is now gone. We just got the last ones they had, so we have limited stock on this cute stage puppet. It reminds me of the "lambchops" from many years ago. Folkmanis also plans to discontinued the Big Bad Wolf stage puppet, the Toucan stage puppet and a few others this year. Check out our list of available Folkmanis stage puppets.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Folkmanis Flying Dragon Puppet

We just got a picture of the Folkmanis Flying dragon (T2854) that is due in this summer. It will retail for $24.00 but our price will be $19.90. I don't have any details on it yet, but it has a green body, red tongue and dragon scales down its back. Since the pteranodon puppet was discontinued, this will be great to have another prehistoric flying creature.
Check out our other Folkmanis dragon puppets and the kids books we have selected to pair with them.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Folkmanis Puppet Sequoia Play set back in stock

The Folkmanis Sequoia play set with a sequoia tree and finger puppets is back in stock.

The Folkmanis Sequoia Tree with finger puppets is about 17 inches (43.2 cm) tall and was first released in October 2005.

The tree stands up by itself. You can put your hand inside the tree trunk and put your finger through several different holes in the tree branches to move the finger puppets. The finger puppets include a fox, squirrel, rabbit, blue bird, owl, and bear. These finger puppets are different than the others sold separately. This set is part of the Sierra Club Series. Check out our other Folkmanis finger puppets too.

Friday, June 5, 2009

New Elope Giraffe Ears and Tail

We love critters. Even in our costume hats. We have several different Elope costume hats that have a head band and a tail. Giraffe. Elephant. Zebra (out of stock right now). A number of our customers use these for plays and dance routines. The Giraffe Ears and tail shown here were out of stock for awhile but they are back. Fits kids and adults.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Folkmanis Hippopatamus Puppet due this summer

Along with the Ferret and Jack Russel puppets, Folkmanis is redesigning the Hippo puppet. The picture I have is of the earlier version, which I understand will be like the newer version, but the new one is smaller.
There will also be a Folkmanis Hippo Stage Puppet, so watch for them both this summer. Check out our What's new page for new puppets as they come in.

It was busy in the store this morning, so I am posting this a bit later today. Hot, for Seattle standards, well into the 80s. But the summer crowds seem to be venturing out to Whidbey Island and Langley.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Redesigned Folkmanis Jack Russell Terrier Puppet

Folkmanis is redesigning their Jack Russell Terrier puppet. The one just discontinued in May 2009 had a fuzzy coat, but the new Jack Russel puppet will have a smooth coat. It looks like they are both same size.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Folkmanis Ferret Puppet

I just got a picture of the new Folkmanis Ferret Puppet. I will keep you posted on when it comes in stock. There have been at least two ferret puppets in the past and it was a star in some online movies.

List of New Folkmanis Puppets Summer 2009

Well, here it is on a sunny and warm day on Whidbey Island. The town is quiet right now on a Tuesday AM, so here is the full list of what I know is being released from Folkmanis this Summer - July and after.

Red Eyed Tree Frog
Orange Tabby Cat
Pack Rat (with a backpack)
Flying Dragon
Small Turkey
Mini Scarlet Macaw
Cat Stage Puppet
Eagle Stage Puppet
Hippo Stage Puppet (they are coming out with a full sized Hippo too)
Pig Stage Puppet
Cocker Spaniel Stage Puppet
Witch Stage Puppet.

I will put pictures up as I find them, but you can always check our what's new page .

For Starters New Folkmanis Puppets this Summer

I thought I would create a blog for those of you who want to keep in touch with the more current status of new puppets and kids books at our store.

To start with, Folkmanis is releasing new puppets in July and later this summer. Dan Folkmanis tells me that they are coming out with a new hippo puppet, a revised ferret puppet, a Corgi dog and more. I will put a list on here tomorow am. Folkmanis is also re releasing the raven finger puppet! We have a great book to go with it already, "Ten Rowdy Ravens".