Thursday, June 18, 2009

More photos of new Folkmanis Ferret Puppet and Flying Dragon Puppet

New Folkmanis Ferret Puppet

Here is another picture of the new Folkmanis Ferret puppet and the Flying dragon that are coming this summer. You can get a better perspective on size with these photos.

Folkmanis Flying Dragon Puppet


  1. Eek! That mouth looks so tiny!!! :(
    Maybe it'll still be pretty manageable...

    I miss the "not so much older" Folkmanis designs with a large "muppet" maw that allowed plenty of movement and expressions. And I do not mean just for this ferret, I mean in general. (The grey fox compared to the red fox is another good example).
    It's great to see Folkmanis go towards more realistic designs every time, but when the puppets are losing on their manageability... I mean, that's the first purpose of a puppet : to be animated. Otherwise you might as well be making realistic stuffed animals... I do appreciate the realistic turn for this is exactly what I'm looking for in a stuffed animal to start with, so having it in puppets is wonderful! But I want to be able to animate them, make them talk and sing and live...
    And I know that though they're not the largest, my hands are still adult hands and kids might have an easier time than me managing small mouths, but still, so many adults use those puppets in classes or presentation, story hour or what not...

    I guess we'll just have to see how things evolve. Folkmanis is still far from it's end, there's plenty of room for evolution yet, and it'll be a pleasure to watch them continue their journey. :D

    Thank you for sharing your inside info with us! :D

  2. There certainly are some puppets that I can not get my hand in, but it may be premature to say it is too small in the ferret. Pictures can be deceiving. I will be checking them out when then come in and will let you know. You will find on our site that I do mention when it seems better for a smaller (woman's or child's) hand. I know that is important.


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