Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Folkmanis Pig stage Puppet goes with Big Bad Wolf and "Wolf's Coming" Children's Book

One of the stories that goes great with the Folkmanis Puppets is the "Three Little Pigs." It is a classic. Folkmanis has had the big wolf puppet and the pig puppets for some time, but now we have the new Folkmanis Pig stage puppet to go with the Big Bad Wolf stage puppet. We are expecting to have the pig stage puppet by July 21. Only$15.99 each, just like almost all of the Folkmanis stage puppets.

The big bad wolf stage puppet and three of the new Pig Stage puppets will work great behind a stage or in the classroom. They are easy to use and creative.

Whether you use the new pig puppet with this classic story or "Wolf's Coming", you are sure to get laughs from the kids. The Wolf in "Wolf's Coming" has a very big surprise. -- Richard

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  1. I don't know if this book exists in english, but one of my all time favorites as a kid was the Big Bad Pig and the three little wolves. The wolves make a house out of bricks right away, but the big bad pig comes with a mass and brakes it to pieces. So they build a house of concrete, but the big bad pig comes with a sledge hammer and reduces to dust. So they build a house of armored steel. But the big bad pig comes with a dynamite and blows the house up! But the little wolves are tricky... They make a house of flowers. The big bad pig thinks this is hilarious! Ha! Just watch me blow this house down with my own breath, you silly wolves. And he takes a deep breath and... Mmmm... And he takes another deep breath... MMMMMMMmmmm... And the sweet smell of all the flowers suddenly turn the big bad pig into the big gentle pig. And he and the little wolves become friends. It's adorable and the illustrations are too cute for words. :)


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