Sunday, August 30, 2009

Painting the store More Folkmanis Puppet Info to Follow

I have been painting the trim on our building from a brown to a white. The base color of the building is not too bad, but we can not wait to have the trim changed to white. It took a bit to get approval to do this. We had a window to replace on one side of this 7 decade old building and we had to get city approval to replace it and approve the color. Then a permit to do the work. And the contractor had to get a permit to work in the city. A bit of a hassle, but easier to do that then to risk reprocussions in a small town. Anyway, we will have a much nicer looking facade once it is done. - Richard

Then I will be back to giving you more info on the Folkmanis puppets. We found a book to go with the Folkmanis Ferret puppet, but it will be a day bofore I can get it on the web.

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