Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Folkmanis Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Puppet

We are just really having fun with the new Folkmanis Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Puppet. Tess just got in a new book to go with it called "Where's the Big Bad Wolf." I will get that on here in a few days, but for now here is some info on this great new stage puppet.

The Folkmanis Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Stage puppet was released in January 2010. The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing hand puppet has a wolf puppet with white and gray body that is 16 inches (35.6 cm) tall.
The sheepskin over the wolf is removeable. You can move the mouth and the two paws. Here is a picture of the wolf puppet without the sheep skin. He is pretty versatile and has a cute face for such a "bad wolf".

Cost is only $20.99. Grab one now or check out all the new Folkmanis puppets in 2010.
- Richard

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