Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Bit Behind on the Blog

Well, we have been working like crazy on redesigning our website and have not had time to update the blog for a couple of months. A major sin, I know. I had starting writing our web pages by hand in 1995 so all of our pages were hand written. No database - which was very time consuming when I wanted to make a change to any of the 1300 pages on our site. We have consolidated everything into one big database on only one server.

You will find search easier and more complete and much more graphical. We show many more related items than before. I was amazed at how many kids books Tess had matched with puppets that I hand never had time to add to the web.

The shopping bag will display on the right side of the page when you have an item selected and can be changed easily. You can get shipping costs for the US on the fly as you shop and can see the running total.

While we are mostly done, I am sure we will be making a few more minor changes here and there as we find the need.

If you have been in our store in Langley WA, then you will find that the online experience on the redesigned site reflects much better the depth of our selections of children's books to match with Folkmanis puppets.

So, having that done. I can get back to working on my blog. I have fixed a few of the picture links in this blog and will do more soon to correct the web address.

I have a list of new puppets due out staring in July and will post that tomorrow.

- Richard

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