Saturday, December 10, 2011

Still time to order for Christmas

There is still time to order for Christmas and have your order delivered in the US.  Shipping outside the US is probably going to take too long to arrive by December 24.

You can always come in our storefront in Langley Washington to see our great selection of all of the Folkmanis puppets matched with children's books.  It is a fun experience and can solve some of your last minute buying. 

The Teddy Bear's Picnic board book is great with the new Folkmanis Bear in Tree Stump puppet that can be made to play peek a boo.  It is nicely priced at 20% off online.  Or come in the store and get the puppet without having to pay shipping.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Folkmanis puppets for 2012

We now have a list of the new Folkmanis puppets scheduled to be released in 2012. They include a new line of "little puppets" that are easier for little kids to use.  Several are due in January 2012.  There will also be some new hand puppets and finger puppets, including a baby sloth, cow and horse.  I will add some pictures when they come in.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oktoberfest in Langley Washington on October 1, 2011

I have always loved the Fall. We moved a lot when my Dad was in the military and often moved in the summers. So we often went to a new school in the Fall where we met new kids. Maybe meeting new people was the interest. My birthday is in October too! Fall leaves and beautiful colors. Pumpkins and cooler weather.

We will be celebrating Oktoberfest in Langley on October 1. It looks to be even more fun this year. Stop by and see us. Enjoy the cooler weather and pumpkins. Meet some new friends. Details are at

We don't have many Halloween type puppets, but we do have the Folkmanis Witch Stage puppet that was recently discontinued.  You might what to get one before they are all gone.  I feel the cool Fall breezes already.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Three new Folkmanis Puppets in Friday

We will be getting in three more new puppets tomorrow.  The Bison puppet, cheetah and the pika finger puppet.

New Folkmanis Bison Puppet
The Folkmanis bison puppet is 15 inches long, 10 inches tall and 7 inches wide (38.1 x 25.4 x 17.8 cm). The mouth and the two front legs are moveable. He has shaggy forelock and is in a standing postion.

The Folkmanis Cheetah Puppet  is 19 inches long, 12 inches tall and 6 inches wide (48.2 x 30.5 x 15.2 cm). The mouth on this yellow and black spotted creature is moveable. 

The mini pika finger puppet was released in August 2011. This cute mouse critter is light brown with a lighter face and feet. It rests in a somewhat sitting position. The pika is 5 inches long 3 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide (12.7 x 7.6 x 6.4 cm). We have all kinds of mice finger puppets, so checkout the other ones too.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Portuguese Water Dog, Opossum, and Mini Grizzly Bear Puppets in Next

Portuguese Water Dog Puppet

Black and White Portuguese Water Dog Puppet
We will have these three new puppets in the middle of next week.  So you can order now for early delivery.  Portuguese Water Dog, Opossum, Mini Grizzly Bear finger puppet. The Portuguese water dog puppet is about 24 inches long and has a moveable mouth.
The grizzly bear finger puppet replaces an earlier version.  This bear puppet is about 6.5 inches long and 3.5 inches tall.
The new Opossum puppet is just the mother opossum. It is 16 inches long and has a moveable mouth and front paws.
See all the pictures of the Folkmanis puppets at our web site.

New Folkmanis Bow Tie Penguin Puppet, Cardinal and Robin Finger Puppets

New Folkmanis Robin Finger Puppet
We now have three more new puppets. The Folkmanis Bow Tie Penguin hand puppet, the Cardinal finger puppet, and the Robin Finger puppet.

The robin finger puppet is a perfect match to go along with "A Nest Full of Eggs" children's book. 

A Nest Full of Eggs children's book

Friday, July 15, 2011

Mini Bobcat Finger Puppet and Mini Prairie Dog Finger Puppets in Stock

We just got in two new Folkmanis Finger puppets:  the mini bobcat and the mini prairie dog.

Folkmanis Bob Cat Finger Puppet
The mini bobcat finger puppet was released in July 2011.  It is 4.5 inches tall, 3.5 inches wide, and 4 inches long (11.4 x 8.9 x 10.2 cm). It has tufts of hair on the top of the ears and green eyes. 
The mini prairie dog finger puppet was released in July 2011. It is about 4 inches tall, 4 inches long, and 2 inches wide.  The prairie dog puppet is positioned to stand up on his hind legs. It is all light brown.
Check out our complete list and status of the new puppets coming this summer and fall.

Folkmanis Praire Dog Finger Puppet

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Latest Status on New Folkmanis Puppets Summer 2011

The first of the newest puppets is in stock.  The pink Piggy puppet is much softer than the older standing pig.  She also has cute eyelashes. Here's the latest on the new puppets coming in July and August 2011.

We have a list of new Folkmanis Puppets coming starting in June:

Baboon - early August

Bear in a Tree Stump (yes, a hand puppet) - early August

Bison - mid August

Bow Tie Penguin - early August

Brown Puppy Dog - early August

Cheetah - mid August

Donkey Stage puppet - early August

Guinea Pig - mid August

Opossum - mid August

Piggy - In Stock

Portuguese Water Dog - mid August

Two Handed Bear - early August

Tomcat - September

Bobcat finger puppet - In Stock!
Cardinal finger puppet - early August

Grizzly Bear finger puppet in sitting position - late August

Pika finger puppet - late August

Prairie Dog finger puppet - In Stock!
Robin finger puppet - early August

Friday, July 1, 2011

New Folkmanis Piggy Puppet in Stock

Folkmanis Piggy Puppet
The new Folkmanis piggy puppet just arrived. It is very cute with delicate eyelashes and moveable mouth and two arms. This pig puppet is in a sitting postion and its short legs can hang over a table or shelf.  11 inches tall. Move new puppets are due in July!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

How to Ship to Canada during the Canadian Postal Strike

Because of the Canadian postal strike, we have had to turn off the shipping option to Canada at Act II Books and Puppets for all Canadian orders for our Folkmanis puppets, kids books and dressup hats.

But there is a way for us to ship to a lot of our Canadian customers.

Many of our customers living near the Canadian/US border have gotten a US address at one of the shipping and receiving companies located near a border town. For us, Blaine, Sumas and Point Roberts are three nearby towns that accomodate our Canadian customers.

You can get a US address, give that address to us in your order, and often get the package faster and for less than shipping to a post office in Canada. You just need to live near enough to get your package.

Nobody knows how long the strike will last, but we have had to turn off shipments to Canada for now. We can ship to a US border town if you get a US address for your order. Here is a link to a list of possible towns.

You can also consolidate orders with others and get a US address with where we can ship. They ship very fast to all countries and can save you money if you are consolidating orders from within the US.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

"This Little Chick" Board Book and Folkmanis Puppets

This Little Chick Board Book

I have been remiss in not listing "The Little Chick" book earlier.  It is a cute board book in full color with simple text and lots of barnyard sounds that the little kids can say out loud as the story is read.  It's a good book to get them interested in flipping pages and looking at a book. We have matched the book with the little Folkmanis chick finger puppet that is soft and yellow.  Just the right size for this book.

Folkmanis Chick Finger Puppet
I listed this book thinking of Spring.  It has been somewhat wet and cold this month on Whidbey Island, so this makes me think of warmer days to come.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Folkmanis Leafy Sea Dragon Puppet and Cyrus the Unsinkable Sea Serpent book

The middle of the week is often quiet in Langley where we have our store, so I thought I would start a little series of chats about books we have matched with the newer Folkmanis puppets.  The Folkmanis leafy sea dragon finger puppet is about 10 inches tall (25 cm) and has a yellowish green body. There are extensions from the body that look like attached seaweed. While Folkmanis doesn't have a big sea dragon puppet anymore, just the sea serpent stage puppet, this finger puppet goes nicely with "Cyrus the Unsinkable Sea Serpent" by Bill Pete. We like his stories as they are simple and have a purpose in their message.

"Once upon a time there was a giant sea serpent named Cyrus. To look at him he was very frightening and formidable and fearsome, but actually he was very gentle. Instead of committting horrible deeds, he wandered peacefully around the ocean; instead of wrecking ships and eating people, he nibbled on sardines." The story goes on to tell how he went looking for a ship on the seas to show he was rough and tough. Follow this funny story of adventure with the Primrose ship and their encounter on the high seas.  A great read aloud book for younger kids from ages 4 to 8.

Monday, April 11, 2011

"Little Beaver and the Echo" Children's Book Back in Stock

"Surprises are in store for a lonely little beaver who hears another lonely voice across the lake and sets out to find a friend." The book is ideal for reading aloud to younger kids -  Booklist. 

We just got the softcover book ""Little Beaver and the Echo" children's book " back in stock.  It has been out so long that I had dropped it from my database.  But Tess ordered from an alternate warehouse when she noticed this was available again.  She really likes this book for the beaver puppet. It is pretty inexpensive as books go, just $6.99 retail.  We don't have any wild beavers on Whidbey Island that I have heard of lately, but I know it is a familiar critter and goes well with our Folkmanis beaver finger puppet.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

"My Monster Mama Loves Me So" and Folkmanis Blueper Puppet

My Monster Mama Loves Me So
Folkmanis Blueper Monster Puppet

We just got in a new children's book that I just had to share, "My Monster Mama Loves Me So" children's book by Laura Leuck by Laura Leuck and illustrated by Mark Buehner. This soft cover book is economical at $5.94 and is perfect for the popular Folkmanis Blueper Monster puppet.  My grandson will love this for sure.

We have also added other new children's books and have all the latest Folkmanis puppets.  Check out our what's new page.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Folkmanis Blimey Pirate Puppet

Folkmanis Blimey Pirate Stage Puppet
We have the new Blimey Pirate Puppet in stock.  It is a stage pupet with moveable mouth and arms.  There is an eye under the black eye patch that can be lifted and he has a gold earring and tooth. 

Along with this puppet we have gotten in the new Holland Lop rabbit puppet, the Cottontail Rabbit puppet, the Folkmanis Gecko Puppet and more.  Check out our newest releases.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Folkmanis Lobster and Rattlesnake Puppets due in Friday

We will be getting in the new Folkmanis Lobster and Rattlesnake puppets tomorrow.  The lobster will be a great addition for us since we live near the ocean.  The rattlesnake puppet is also welcomed back as they have not had a snake puppet for  a long time. 

Read our puppet news updates and see pictures on our web site.