Monday, April 11, 2011

"Little Beaver and the Echo" Children's Book Back in Stock

"Surprises are in store for a lonely little beaver who hears another lonely voice across the lake and sets out to find a friend." The book is ideal for reading aloud to younger kids -  Booklist. 

We just got the softcover book ""Little Beaver and the Echo" children's book " back in stock.  It has been out so long that I had dropped it from my database.  But Tess ordered from an alternate warehouse when she noticed this was available again.  She really likes this book for the beaver puppet. It is pretty inexpensive as books go, just $6.99 retail.  We don't have any wild beavers on Whidbey Island that I have heard of lately, but I know it is a familiar critter and goes well with our Folkmanis beaver finger puppet.

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