Saturday, June 18, 2011

How to Ship to Canada during the Canadian Postal Strike

Because of the Canadian postal strike, we have had to turn off the shipping option to Canada at Act II Books and Puppets for all Canadian orders for our Folkmanis puppets, kids books and dressup hats.

But there is a way for us to ship to a lot of our Canadian customers.

Many of our customers living near the Canadian/US border have gotten a US address at one of the shipping and receiving companies located near a border town. For us, Blaine, Sumas and Point Roberts are three nearby towns that accomodate our Canadian customers.

You can get a US address, give that address to us in your order, and often get the package faster and for less than shipping to a post office in Canada. You just need to live near enough to get your package.

Nobody knows how long the strike will last, but we have had to turn off shipments to Canada for now. We can ship to a US border town if you get a US address for your order. Here is a link to a list of possible towns.

You can also consolidate orders with others and get a US address with where we can ship. They ship very fast to all countries and can save you money if you are consolidating orders from within the US.

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