Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Latest Status on New Folkmanis Puppets Summer 2011

The first of the newest puppets is in stock.  The pink Piggy puppet is much softer than the older standing pig.  She also has cute eyelashes. Here's the latest on the new puppets coming in July and August 2011.

We have a list of new Folkmanis Puppets coming starting in June:

Baboon - early August

Bear in a Tree Stump (yes, a hand puppet) - early August

Bison - mid August

Bow Tie Penguin - early August

Brown Puppy Dog - early August

Cheetah - mid August

Donkey Stage puppet - early August

Guinea Pig - mid August

Opossum - mid August

Piggy - In Stock

Portuguese Water Dog - mid August

Two Handed Bear - early August

Tomcat - September

Bobcat finger puppet - In Stock!
Cardinal finger puppet - early August

Grizzly Bear finger puppet in sitting position - late August

Pika finger puppet - late August

Prairie Dog finger puppet - In Stock!
Robin finger puppet - early August

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