Friday, July 15, 2011

Mini Bobcat Finger Puppet and Mini Prairie Dog Finger Puppets in Stock

We just got in two new Folkmanis Finger puppets:  the mini bobcat and the mini prairie dog.

Folkmanis Bob Cat Finger Puppet
The mini bobcat finger puppet was released in July 2011.  It is 4.5 inches tall, 3.5 inches wide, and 4 inches long (11.4 x 8.9 x 10.2 cm). It has tufts of hair on the top of the ears and green eyes. 
The mini prairie dog finger puppet was released in July 2011. It is about 4 inches tall, 4 inches long, and 2 inches wide.  The prairie dog puppet is positioned to stand up on his hind legs. It is all light brown.
Check out our complete list and status of the new puppets coming this summer and fall.

Folkmanis Praire Dog Finger Puppet

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