Friday, August 12, 2011

Portuguese Water Dog, Opossum, and Mini Grizzly Bear Puppets in Next

Portuguese Water Dog Puppet

Black and White Portuguese Water Dog Puppet
We will have these three new puppets in the middle of next week.  So you can order now for early delivery.  Portuguese Water Dog, Opossum, Mini Grizzly Bear finger puppet. The Portuguese water dog puppet is about 24 inches long and has a moveable mouth.
The grizzly bear finger puppet replaces an earlier version.  This bear puppet is about 6.5 inches long and 3.5 inches tall.
The new Opossum puppet is just the mother opossum. It is 16 inches long and has a moveable mouth and front paws.
See all the pictures of the Folkmanis puppets at our web site.

New Folkmanis Bow Tie Penguin Puppet, Cardinal and Robin Finger Puppets

New Folkmanis Robin Finger Puppet
We now have three more new puppets. The Folkmanis Bow Tie Penguin hand puppet, the Cardinal finger puppet, and the Robin Finger puppet.

The robin finger puppet is a perfect match to go along with "A Nest Full of Eggs" children's book. 

A Nest Full of Eggs children's book