Monday, January 30, 2012

More New Folkmanis Puppets in Stock: Sloth, Little Alligator, Little Chipmunk

Folkmanis Baby Sloth Puppet
We just got in the Folkmanis Baby Sloth puppet. There used to be a sloth puppet years ago, so I will bet that this will be a great addition. It has a moveable mouth and there are hook and loops on the front and back legs to let it hang in several positions.

If you go to our news page, you will see our updated list on the newest puppets for 2012. The little puppet series will include small puppets for little kids or small hands.  They are priced at just $9.79 on our site.

Raccoon and Alligator Puppets

American Alligator - Due mid February

Cow - in stock
Crab - Due mid February
Duckling - in stock
Golden Eagle - in stock
Gopher - Due late February
Horse - Due late February
Basset Hound - in stock
Nibbling Mouse - in stock
Baby Sloth - in stock
Leatherback Sea Turtle - in stock
Mini Lop Ear Rabbit - in stock
Mini Woodpecker - in stock
Little Alligator - in stock
Little Lion - in stock
Little Chipmunk - in stock