Friday, March 9, 2012

New Folkmanis Horse, Crab and Little Puppets

Folkmanis Horse Puppet
We have four more new puppets in stock. One of our favorites is the new Horse puppet that is brown with a white blaze. This is similar to a previous brown horse that they made, but now has the nice white blaze down the forehead.

The 20 inch-long horse has a moveable mouth. Put your hand into the head from underneath the horse to move the mouth.

Folkmanis Crab Puppet

The Folkmanis crab puppet was also released this week. There have been a number of versions of crabs over the years, the dungeness crab, the all orange crab and this one with variegated orange and purple colors. It is very realistic at about 12 inches wide (a real keeper in the Puget Sound waters) and you can move the two large claws as well as the smaller legs.


Folkmanis Little Polar Bear Puppet

The last two new puppets that came out are part of the Little Folkmanis Puppet series, designed for younger kids so they can move the puppets with their smaller hands. The Little brown bear puppet goes nicely with Brown Bear Brown Bear or the Teddy Bear's Picnic books. The Little Polar Bear puppet rounds out the newest addtions with an all white polar bear that has black eyes and a moveable mouth and paws.

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