Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Folkmanis Puppets for January 2013

New Folkmanis Sky Dragon Puppet

We have received 17 of the new Folkmanis puppets for 2013. They include 10 hand puppets, the shark finger puppet and 7 of the new Little Puppets. Prices include shipping for delivery in the US. The easiest way to find the new puppets is to search the New Puppets category and search for newest.

Little Cat - Jan 9
Little Bernese Dog - In Stock
Little Dragon - Jan 9
Little Eagle - Due Jan 17
Little Frog - In Stock
Little Hedgehog - In Stock
Little Pig - In Stock
Little Turtle - In Stock
Little Unicorn - Due Jan 17
Alpaca hand puppet - Jan 9
Grizzly Bear - In Stock
Tuxedo Cat - In Stock
Sky Dragon - Jan 9
Long Legged Frog - In Stock
Goose - In Stock
Monkey in Barrel - In Stock
Baby Sea Otter - Jan 9
Screech Owl - Due Jan 17
Leopard Shark - In Stock

Mini Groundhog is Great for Groundhog's Day
 Recently retired Folkmanis puppets: mini Pheasant, Mini Moose, Mini Groundhog, Black Faced Sheep stage puppet, Rockhopper Penguin, Sea Serpent stage puppet, Mini Black Sheep, Dachshund. The mini weasel, sea otter and wolf in sheep's clothing are scheduled to be discontinued soon.

Folkmanis has slightly increased the prices of 8 hand puppets and 3 finger puppets: Baby Black Bear, Bassett Hound, Burrowing Owl, Amazon Parrot, Raven, Skunk, Flying Squirrel, and Gray Wolf. The three finger puppets are the mini chipmunk, mini hummingbird and the mini field mouse.

They also plan to resize several of the larger puppets to keep the price reasonable. Check our Folkmanis Puppet blog for details.

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