Monday, April 15, 2013

Latest Update on Retiring Folkmanis Puppets

Discontinued Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Puppet
 The latest Folkmanis puppet that has been retired in the Wolf in Sheep's clothing. It was a wolf puppet underneath a removable sheep's skin. The mouth and two legs were moveable also. We have limited stock.

The sea lion has again been discontinued. We are not away of it coming back anytime soon, so get one now if you missed out.

Other Folkmanis puppets scheduled to be discontinued and the dates that they are to be retired are shown below. Get all the details at our web site discontinued page.

Mini Weasel                    April 2013
Sea Otter gone                March 2013
Triceratops                      April 2013
Cobra Stage                    April 2013
Small Wooly Sheep         May 2013
Two Handed Bear           May 2013
Cat Stage Puppet             May 2013

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