Thursday, April 17, 2014

Folkmanis Released the Scottish Fold Kitten Puppet

Scottish Fold Kitten Puppet
Two new puppets were released this week. The Scottish Fold Kitten and the Lucky Dog. The luck dog was in stock just short while and will be back in early June. The Scottish Fold Kitten has a gray body with brown highlights and a white chest and face. The mouth and forelegs are both moveable.

Read more for an update on puppets out of stock.  See our list of new puppets to get the most recent status on release dates.

Puppets Soon to Be Out of Stock at Folkmanis

GRUNTING PIG                4/18
MINI RACCOON               4/20
MINI BARN OWL              4/20
FAWN                              4/20
MINI JACK RABBIT           4/22
SHARK                            4/22
BABY SEA OTTER           4/24
CHICKEN                         4/24
SMALL RED FOX              4/24
BOBCAT                           4/30
MINI RABBIT IN HAT          5/6
MINI BOBCAT                    5/6
DUTCH RABBIT                 5/12

Puppets Out of Stock at Folkmanis

Lucky Dog - back June 22
Brown Mouse - back June 3
Sheepdog - back June 24
Little Elephant - back May 28
Little Puffin - now due to be released May 13
Bear Stage Puppet - back June 22

We have also updated the release dates on our newest puppets.

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