Monday, September 1, 2014

New Bluebird and Dragonfly Fingers Puppets

Bluebird of Happiness Finger Puppet

We got in a new bluebird finger puppet and the timing was perfect.  I had a hip replacement in July - my second one.  My recovery has gone well so I celebrated with a free bluebird finger puppet to customers that made a purchase in early August.  This new bird has a blue body with a reddish front and black feet, beak and eyes.  I is about 4 inches tall and 5 inches long.

Bluebird Finger Puppet Just Released


Other New Puppets

Among the other puppets recently releases in the dragonfly.  It is very well priced at under $5.00 each.  This critter has a bluish green body with silk screened wings.  You can put you finger in the body from underneath to make the wings flutter.  We have updated our list of the newest puppets coming this year.

Dragonfly Finger Puppet

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